The Community of Inquiry Framework

Image from the Community of Inquiry website

Early in my online teaching career, I encountered the Community of Inquiry Framework, an emerging model for describing practices and dispositions to enhance the learning experience in a web-based environment. What I appreciated most about this model was its attention to not only the mechanical issues of online teaching, but to the instructor's (very different) role and to the factors that create a safe and robust environment for learning in unfamiliar territory.

The Community of Inquiry website offers the best overview of the framework - and round-up of resources available. Be sure to download a copy of the CoI survey. In addition to being a resource for researchers and faculty interested in assessing their effectiveness at creating a Community of Inquiry for their own courses, it offers a quick overview of the kinds of elements that help to facilitate that environment.

My Community of Inquiry bookmarks list grows daily. Click here to access that list of resources. (Note: some of the links go to journal articles that require subscription. Your home institution may or may not have that access.)