Some Online Teaching/Learning Resources
An Adult Educator's Life (My blog that now focuses on experiences as an adult educator - especially my experiences teaching online)
  • A post describing my approach to online teaching
Blogging in Education online handout (Resources related to incorporating blogs into an online course)
Wikis in the Classroom online handout (Resources related to using wikis for online group projects)
My Distance Learning Resources Pinterest board (primarily books, at the moment)

Social Bookmark Sets Related to Distance Learning

All of my e-learning bookmarks
E-learning research bookmarks
Bookmarks about social media in e-learning
Bookmarks about engagement in e-learning
Bookmarks about collaboration in e-learning

A downloadable copy of my "Online Learning Resources" handout created for the ARNOVA 2012 colloquy session, "Online Learning-What is Its Efficacy?"

A link to the Prezi created for this workshop.

Other Technology Resources

University of Wyoming 2011 e-Volution virtual petting zoo (links to video demonstrations of various tools)
A few favorite e-learning-related blogs:
mLearning Daily (daily, curated Twitter 'newspaper')
E-Learning Daily (another Twitter newspaper)