Tools to Try

I'm far more technologically adventurous than most of my students. One of the lessons I learned - the hard way - is to avoid technological overload in the online classroom. Still, a girl can dream....

Here are a handful of tools that I'd love to find a way to incorporate into my classes (if it can be done without making my students' heads explode):


I really have no excuse not to use this one, actually. I've simply not done so to date. AudioBoo is an audio recording and sharing service, much like Screenr (description shared on the "Tools I Use" page). Recordings are captured and shared in the cloud - you provide your intended audience a link to your recording (up to 5 minutes if using the free version, 30 minutes premium). Available via web browser and as an app (iOS and Android).

Here is a boo that I created for this workshop. Listen to it to hear three ideas for incorporating it into an online class.

ARNOVA-AudioBoo demo
Note that not only can you respond, you can do so via audio. Give it a try!


An online scavenger hunt tool that encourages exploration and sharing. As I revise my survey courses and re-evaluate use of several longtime tools, this one likely to be added to at least one class. Use GooseChase to create a game that asks students to discover and share examples, connections, etc., related to concepts and examples illustrating what you're discussing in class. It can be used in other settings (e.g., conferences). I may have a game waiting for you by the time we meet in Indianapolis.


An instant polling tool that also works well in face-to-face classes. Are you frustrated by students distracted by cell phones in class? Put them to work for your by creating one or more PollEverywhere polls and asking them to respond via text. Responses can be displayed live and/or collected and shared via web. Voting options include text, web and Twitter. Click on this link to respond to a poll (open-ended question) I've created just for you. Click here to participate in a multiple choice poll. (Note: depending upon when you attempt to vote, the poll may be closed. PollEverywhere limits the number of responses possible for free polls.)